Spring to Fall…..

Winter to Summer.

Did you know the weather isn’t right this year? It’s like your mood is different no matter how glad or sad…. You still seem distant

how glad or sad…. You still seem distant

You still seem distant

. I want you to let me in but instead, you push me away like the brutal winter breeze. You were never like this, I remember the old you the one who use to be full of love, joy, and who had a smile that will shine bright like the summer sun blazing us with warmth and happiness. Where is that person….I…I miss them. I sit across from you every day wondering when you’ll speak again. I yearn to hear your voice because this sudden change is scary and I want you to tell me that everything is going to be ok…. Just those 6 words, please?


it was spring

I was watching the rain fall through the window, you came through the door soaked that afternoon; the look on your face was so cold and your eyes were filled with darkness. That is when I knew everything was going to fall and the leaves that were once full of color will die into this….. A hopeless thing because human you weren’t anymore. So I’m here again and the seasons will start again, do you think you can change back?


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